Days of Rain

We think we have everything we need in place
to stay safe and dry and warm
when facing days of rain.

We talk about rainy day funds,
and unexpected bumps in the road
and emergency preparedness

but when the tide turns,
and the skies open,
and lightning strikes out of what was previously a sunny sky…

the umbrella is missing,
the galoshes don’t fit,
the fund is empty,
and the plan fails.

And when we dry off,
and the sun returns,
we wonder…

what doesn’t drown us today, does it make us stronger?
or will it just drown us tomorrow instead?


Political Burn Out

Sometimes I’m afraid that the fight in me is gone.
Like the spark that made me me was suddenly blown out
one night while I was sleeping with the fan on high,
and accidentally left my mouth open.

Like the passion I used to have has been replaced
by a scream that crawls up my spine like a thousand spiders
and comes out like a sigh.
Whatever it was wasn’t worth the energy.

I feel like a candle lit too long,
but like one of those candles where the wax melts inwards
while reserving its shape and height –
hot, liquid insides.

Like the words I have at the ready to fight for my cause,
to educate the masses, to correct injustices
are not enough. Like I’m tired of being a whisper
in a crowd of people who are wearing ear plugs.