On Life and Animals

Since my last update with all the photos of dogs that have been helped thanks to the donations we raised on GoFundMe, life has been busy and good. Jethro and I recently went to Mexico City and saw Mötley Crüe in concert. They put on an amazing show and the crowd was on their best behavior (thankfully. I don’t handle moshing well, haha). We also saw a breathtaking Michelangelo exhibit, and visited an awesome museum with everything from art to antiques. We stopped in to visit my friend Jay who donated some really great items for our dogs in need, and we couldn’t be happier! Every item has gone to good use. They always do!

Aside from that fun little adventure to Mexico City, life has been about as good as I can remember it ever being. I’ve been busy trying to put money in my bank account and doing some translation projects with Jethro….as well as running around rescuing animals with the money from our 2nd fundraiser (the shirt sale). We raised $220 with that, and we’ve used $120 already.

With the money donated previously plus the money we’ve used from the shirt sale, we (that’s right. you, me, and everyone else who donated even a penny) have purchased more than 2200 lbs of dog food, keeping LOTS of dog bellies full on a regular basis. We’ve treated 3 cases of demodex mange, and fattened up 4 different super emaciated dogs. We’ve cleaned up 15 dogs that were infested with parasites, we’ve covered a number of spay/neuters, and we’ve paid for chemo treatments for dogs with contagious tumors. We’ve paid for much needed vaccines for 4 dogs, and are currently “sponsoring” Kody, a 10 year old bull – terrier, pit mix, who has been abandoned at a nearby vet clinic. He was used for fighting in the past and cannot go to a home with small children or other animals, so he may very well live his remaining years in a cage. Luckily he’s close enough to me that I can check on him daily, sneak him food (they don’t feed them much at the clinic so they don’t poop in their cages), walk him, and pay for treatment. We’ve also saved the lives of two kittens (they survived heartworm!!) and we’ve left various donations in vet clinics around Oaxaca which care for street dogs, but only when they have sufficient funds from their “street dog donation” boxes.

With what we have left, we’ll spay and neuter 2 more dogs, pay for chemo and vaccines, and continue to ensure Kody gets the medical attention he needs. We’ve been able to do so much with what we raised, and will be sad to have to slow it back down. That being said, the work never stops! We will continue to do what we can 🙂 in whatever capacity we can.

Thanks all for your unwavering support! I’ll post some pictures of everyone you’ve helped soon. 🙂 Watch my Facebook for the photo collage!