No More Bad Days

I have more time to think than I do to write these days. But that’s not always a bad thing. I’ve got ideas for a new blog – or maybe just taking this blog and its archives into a new, more purposeful direction. Anyway, not the point here. The point is that I’ve had a lot of time to think, and now that I have time to write, all that thinking has really come in handy!

A few weeks ago, I found myself in a weird one-sided tiff with someone I care about. I could have let it escalate; I could have accused the person of being unfair and blown out of proportion. But I didn’t. I sat there thinking that people have feelings, however big or small, for their own reasons and even if I couldn’t see the point of those frustrated feelings, I should probably just validate them anyway. So I did. I gave the person the space they needed but also decided to not let it affect me. I decided there don’t need to be anymore bad days.

I’m done with them. Bad days I’ve had in the past are no longer…bad. I’ve decided to repurpose them all as learning experiences. Even the most horrible people I’ve ever met have served a purpose in propelling me down the pretty amazing path I’m on now. Instead of being bitter, resentful, and angry about lost time or years, or beating myself up for having made stupidĀ  (or just hasty) decisions or trusting stupid people, I’m just…not. So what if that person was an asshole? That’s their problem. Not mine. Who cares if someone called me a name? Do I define myself, or do I let others define me?

I’m not anyone else’s opinion of me. I’m not defined by an argument. I’m not worth less as a person if I upset someone, or if I feel upset. The world doesn’t have to end over a disagreement.

Life is so much better when you can learn from a disagreement instead of just blowing up over it. Things are so much easier when everything can be learned from. So, yeah. I’m done having bad days! And you should be too.