Monday Lament

I am not one for
a predictable routine.
But I’m stuck with one.


Sunday Rant

So, I’ve been thinking. I love religious freedom – I really do…but there’s this thing I’ve been noticing that frustrates the hell out of me.

Today while scrolling through my feed I saw:
– “Share this picture of Jesus if you’re not ashamed of your faith. Scroll if you are.”
– A joke making atheists the punchline (as arrogant, smug idiots who don’t know anything)
– A post by a friend that said something to the effect of, “I devote my Sundays to God even though some of you think that’s stupid or roll your eyes because you don’t understand…”
– A handful of quotes/videos from various religious figureheads talking about bringing the “lost sheep” back to the flock, not being too proud, etc.

And it made me wonder…what if atheists started doing this? What if the whole atheist network was sharing memes that said, “Share this picture of Einstein if you’re not ashamed to be an atheist” and sharing jokes where Christians are the fools and posting things like, “Sundays are family days (or where I do x activity) and you silly Christians wouldn’t get it which is why you roll your eyes…” and quotes and videos about how stupid Christians are to believe in God – and how to rescue them from Christianity?

If atheists did that, it would be “a war on Christianity” and (every believers favorite word) OFFENSIVE. Right? They’d be so offended. So, I don’t understand how they don’t see how what they’re sharing and doing and promoting could also be perceived as annoying or offensive.

It’s the worst when you DO call someone out and they say, “well these are my beliefs so what’s actually offensive is you asking me to censor myself.” Such a double standard.

Rant over.

*Trigger Warning* Suicide | “Dormant”

She was magma,
burning and boiling,
She was many personalities,
a banshee,
a liar,
a friend.
A fateful fistful of pills
intended to end her life
instead caused the magma
up her throat,
out of her mouth –
an unconscious, immovable
unable to spill her contents,
and extrusive igneous rock,
cooling, hardening,
Forever dormant.

Not a Haiku (2)

This is my second non-haiku post this month because what I want to write just doesn’t fit in those limited syllables.

Has this week been effing nuts for anyone else? Let me just list (taking in note, it’s only Wednesday) the crazy shit my friends and I have dealt with this week:

– A friend blended a smoothie without the top
– The same friend found an animal stuck in stove vent
– Massive fight breaking out right near a friend’s classroom
– One friend’s car wouldn’t start and her husband went out to see his car had a flat tire (same morning)
– A frozen bagel caught fire in my microwave in less than 30 seconds. HOW?!
– The dogs killed and ate all my baby trees
– My husband’s car literally turned off while driving on the freeway
– One friend started to brew coffee without the pot under the filter
– I was listed as a German citizen on my marriage certificate (lol what!?)

And that’s just what I can remember off the top of my head. Like…what the heck is going on this week? It’s a disaster.