The Girl on the Train

Hmm. People were raving about this book, and I’m not really understanding why. It’s okay, like a 3/5 – it’ll probably be a great movie (I’ve hated some books and loved their movies) but the plot is slow, fairly predictable, and there are a few characters that take up space and serve no purpose.

Rachel, the primary main character, is not relatable and is pretty pathetic as a whole. I guess that makes sense, since we want her to be an unreliable narrator…but unreliable doesn’t have to mean unlikeable. She just seems so pathetic, like – honestly – I wished someone else was telling the story.

Actually, maybe that’s why I don’t like the story. There are a ton of primary characters who are female, and they’re all crap. Jealous, bitter, alcoholics, desperate because they can’t get pregnant, happy to sneak around. Like, why? Why do all the women have to be damaged and shitty? Why can’t Rachel or Anna or Megan be badasses? Or at least one of them?

Sure, there’s a redeeming moment at the end (which I won’t spoil for interested readers) where you don’t feel like Rachel is so pathetic, but Anna is crap 100% of the time, and Megan literally only serves a plot device…

So, I wouldn’t read it again. I don’t feel anything for any of the characters. I’m not sitting in a world of wonder after having put down the book, pondering how my life can possibly go on knowing that x y z happened in the story. It’s over. It ended. Time for something new to read.