Two More Poems

You are as pleasant
as warm rain on a hot day,
not welcome at all.


A soccer mom in a mini-van decides not to check her blindspot
and merges into the lane with a large semi-truck; no one
can tell you what it was carrying.
Instead, they will tell you the story of the man who died
in the shadow of the General Mills corporate offices –
a public, preventable death.
A not-so-accident, because accidents occur like anomalies.
Accidents are not products of selfish decisions.
It might as well be premeditated; like the decision not
to check her blind-spot.
And all the people heard the man screaming for help,
and the EMTs and the civilians and the woman –
no one could retrieve him before the cabin of the truck went
up in
flames, and he went down –
help inhale help inhale
nothing but the whimperings of onlookers, sharing a
collective look of horror as it sinks in and they silently ask each other
are you alive?

And they are – but he is not, and everyone feels helpless.


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