Which would you rather be: a bat or a bird? – Idea #2

Well, I’m biased. I am kind of creeped out by birds but I love bats. In fact, they are tied with foxes for my favorite animal. One time, I had the luck of being able to rescue a little bat that had trapped itself in my house. I actually shed a few tears of sheer joy as I watched him go to town on a piece of orange. I wanted to pet him, but he showed me his teeth and made a little growl, so I didn’t. But even his little growl was adorable.

I called him Hector, and even though he was only mine for an hour, I loved him! He ended up safe and sound at a sanctuary for the winter and was released into a colony of orphan bats the following spring.

Anyway, to answer the question: I think I’d rather be a bat. They are prey to cooler predators (like owls), are smarter than birds, look cooler than birds, make cooler sounds than birds, and are just over-all 100 times better than birds. They have fur instead of feathers, and little snouts and faces instead of creepy beaks.

Bats rule, birds drool.


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