Sam, Dean, and Magic – Part 2

Dean had made it through 3 of the books when he got lazy and opted to just watch the movies instead. He, with Sam’s help, had begun to make a list of all the evil things they would be responsible of teaching students to defend themselves against.

Huge wall-trolling snakes
Bad guys with wands instead of hex bags
Evil spirits
A world without electricity

Both of them had already memorized a number of spells, and Sam had wondered out loud more than once how they’d be able to teach these kids anything, being mere muggles. He looked at the calendar. July 30.

“Shit, Dean.” He said.
“What now?” Dean shot back.
“We need to write them back and let them know we’ll be there. By tomorrow.”
“Dude, it’ll never arrive by tomorrow. And we don’t have their address.”
“Good God, Dean. Have these books and movies taught you nothing?”

Sam let Dean have a minute to figure it out.

“We need an owl!” Dean exclaimed.
“There ya go.” Sam said, his voice full of sarcasm.

He sat at the table, grabbed a piece of paper, and began to write:

Dear Headmistress McGonogall,

We will accept the job. We will meet up with Harry Potter in Florida on August 20th, as requested. We are, concerned, however, that we will not be very useful, as we have no magical powers.
Sam and Dean

Sam stuffed the letter in an envelope.
“Alright,” he sighed, “just need to find an owl.”

Dean started to search “owl rentals” in Google when out of nowhere, a large speckled Gray owl swooped in and snatched the letter right out of Sam’s hand.

“Has that thing been stalking us this whole time?” Dean asked.
Sam just shrugged. “Probably.”
“Man, that’s just creepy.”

A few short hours later, Sam and Dean had received one final message:

Anyone who has died and been to Hell as many times as you two most certainly possess magical powers.
Regards, Minerva.


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