A Prompt a Day

I used to have a book full of writing prompts, I think it was one for every day of the year. They ranged from creative writing challenges to personal responses, and I really appreciated the fact that it existed and gave me a springboard for my writing.

I may be the only person who considers myself a writer (on some level) that has a hard time coming up with motivating topics (which is ridiculous because I literally write writing prompts for a living at writeabout.com). I mean, I generate thousands of ideas a year – really cool ones, sometimes. So why is it so hard for me to just grab all the words and stories I try to solicit from others and generate them myself?

I’ll make that my new challenge. Responding to the ideas I’ve generated but never actually written about. It is only fair, right? It’s like when I was a teacher – I would always respond to prompts alongside my students to model the thought/writing process.

It’s a good exercise. I shouldn’t have left it when I moved out of the classroom and into other roles. So, brace yourselves for the string of prompts! It’s about to get…creative up in here.


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