Don’t Forget to Read!

It’s National Reading Month, and so of course my mind has been all about the books. I’m currently reading the second book of the Ms. Peregrine series, and after that I’m moving onto an author I’m unfamiliar with (a book titled The Ugly Vampire).

I often talk about writing, the importance of writing, how writing shapes lives, my life, and the world around us. But, it’s rare that I stop and talk about the importance of books. So that’s what I want to do.

I have always loved to read. From a young age, I have appreciated and enjoyed the joy of losing myself in a story, living these adventures vicariously through words. I have learned so much about the human experience through books.

Books have taught me empathy and forgiveness. Books have allowed me to experience so many lives. Books have provided me with friends when I had none. I have always been allowed to exist in my own space amongst their pages, despite how many people are in the room.

I think it was J.K. Rowling who said that “If you don’t like to read, you just haven’t found the right book” or something to that effect. I’ve seen this with my own eyes! Students who would rather die than read a book suddenly find a narrative that speaks to them, that aligns with their experiences, and suddenly reading isn’t a nasty chore that mean teachers push on them.

So, I hope each and every one of you is able to pick up a book this month! Participate in Reading Month (and prepare yourself for April, with is POETRY MONTH!) My favorite – just in case it wasn’t obvious.


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