Just Words.

This evening, the entire nation heard an un-ashamed Trump talk about his sexual assault confessions being “just words.” Just words based on actions.

But harmless.
Just words.

One day, while walking down the street, two men approached me and were saying things I will never repeat. I told them to stay away from me and they told me they would kill me.

Just. Words.

While I was in an abusive relationship, I was degraded regularly for my appearance, my weight, the portions on my plate, the way I chopped produce and ridiculous amounts of other things. He never lifted a finger – but he moved his lips…just words.

While riding public transportation a man commented on my thighs. Just words.
But, then he touched me.

I was sexually abused as a child and do you know how it began? With words.

Any student who has been in my class can tell you about the power of words. Words said to the wrong people or in the wrong way can quickly become actions.

Words matter. Words hurt. Words spur action. An entire generation of young men will think it’s okay to talk about women this way because they are just words. How long will it be before just talking about it isn’t enough?

How long was it for you, Donald?


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