Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

So, I loved Eleanor and Park. Loved it. That’s why I decided to venture back around after Night Circus and pick up another book by Rainbow Rowell. I chose Fangirl and went off on my merry way.

Overall I give the book a 6/10. The writing is solid. Rowell has a way of constructing stories that I wish I could emulate. I liked that Cath is struggling to write outside her comfort genre. I can relate there. I can relate to being a freshman and just wondering what is going on in my life. There’s a lot to relate to and the dad is weird and kind of unexpected. That’s why I give it 6 points.

Here’s where the book lost me. Levi. He is so stereotypical. A blonde, blue eyed, tall, perfect male figure. Why are love interests always perfect? And white? And blonde? I get it. Alejandro (who would go by Ale and not Jandro in real life) is the other love interest, but he’s not a prominent figure at all. I get bored with the love interest always being the exact same.

Then we have the twin sister – Wren. She is a stereotypical female college freshman, too. Discovers life outside of living at home, starts drinking too much, ends up in a few questionable circumstances. She’s incredibly flat when juxtaposed with her sister. Cath does grow throughout the story, but not in any way that surprises.

Also, I know that the fan-fiction she and her sister are dying over is actually a book written by Rainbow Rowell, but I have zero desire to read it. Every time I came across the excerpts, I found myself writhing with impatience. I didn’t enjoy them, didn’t find the fan fiction story compelling at all.

So, all in all, it’s not a book you feel like was a waste of read. I’m a better literary consumer for it, but I think I’ll be taking a break from Rainbow Rowell for a while. After the glory that was Eleanor and Park, I don’t think I’ll be able to find another text of hers that I like as much.



3 thoughts on “Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

    • I have dabbled in fan fiction too (a world in where Sam and Dean Winchester end up teaching at Hogwarts) haha. I think I am just super sensitive to archetypes. But the content was great! I even liked Levi, just not his cheesy ass smile and employment at Starbucks haha

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