Episodic Memoir: Episode 5

It was February. We got Japan’s second biggest snow fall on record. School was cancelled, so I got to spend the morning building an igloo with my younger brother. It was the saddest, ugliest igloo anyone ever made. We didn’t actually know how to build an igloo, so we just built a mound of snow, and then dug a hole into it. The snow was two feet deep, and we were four feet tall. It was perfectly sized for us.

The older neighbor boys invited us to have a snowball war. They built snow forts with holes in the walls to store snowballs.  Back then, snowballs didn’t hurt when they hit you – even if they hit you in the face.

After we won the war, we all decided to go sledding down the hill behind our homes. We didn’t care about the rock ditch at the bottom. Back then, rocks didn’t hurt when they hit you, either.


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