The Night Circus

You’re in the library (or browsing your Kindle options) when suddenly a breeze that is almost – but not quite – cold crawls across your shoulders. It’s obviously coming from somewhere, but as pull your sleeves down and look to find a vent or an open window your eyes suddenly fall open the person to your right, who has made themselves very comfortable in a chair much too large for one person. In their hands, they hold The Night Circus.

The amazing thing about this book is that it starts in 2nd person. It kind of pushes you back into your youth, reading an R.L. Stein “choose your own ending” novel (which this definitely is not, haha). But there’s something immediately familiar and nostalgic about the story – you want to buy the ticket. You want to enter the circus.

And you do.

A whirlwind of fantasy and conflict and unbelievable imagery, you really can’t go wrong. It’s a book you’ll want to reach (or crawl) into so that you can see the faces of the characters up close – so you can shake them hard when they aren’t doing what you want.

You won’t be sorry you read it. Read it now before it becomes a movie and you’re just running to jump on the band wagon.


3 thoughts on “The Night Circus

  1. I read this last week, and in the beginning it was great, but sadly around the halfway mark, my excitement and fascination dwindled. I skim-read the rest. I suppose it just wasn’t for me, even though it was a strong visual style, but I’m glad you enjoyed it!


    • You know, there was a point – about a chapter’s worth – where I fell asleep reading (which I never ever do!). In some ways, I think the author was so set on creating an image that the story kind of got lost a little here and there. I am reading Fan Girl right now and am loving it!

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