I think 27 is a good age.

It’s the age at which you stop making space for things that don’t matter. It’s the age where you come to realize that you’re completely okay with yourself, and that come what may, you’ll survive. It’s the age at which you can tell people, “no” and not feel bad about it.

I like being 27. I like that I no longer feel the need to validate myself to others. I like that I can say, “that’s not your business” or “that’s not my problem” and move on.

I like that – despite having a fluid life where nothing is certain (like everyone on Earth) – I don’t feel insecure or afraid or lost. I’m ready to take what the world throws at me.

I don’t know if this is owed more to what has happened in my 27 years or if 27 is the magical age when things just start to click, but I’m glad for it.


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