Something Happy

This is what happens when I try to write happy poetry. There are three here, to make up for my time lapses [sorry, work comes first and there has been a lot of it].

The Butterfly Effect
Butterflies are literally born
from the remains of who they
used to be.
A breakdown,
a renovation.
But is what they become
really better than what they were
I suppose we should be asking the birds.

The Roses On My Table
A rose,
amongst roses,
with delicate folds
that bend back at the edges,
frozen in time.
Neither here,
nor there.

Little Limón
When life gives you Limones,
watch them carefully,
and notice how they always stop
to chase the birds,
smell the flowers,
watch the fireworks –
and are only ever afraid of
what they know they should not have done,
but did anyway
for the sake of living in the moment.


One thought on “Something Happy

  1. I’m so glad you inherited this amazing talent to put your thoughts into such beautiful form.
    You didn’t get it from me, haha 🙂
    Love it!


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