Don Quixote – Who Will Love Him, Who?

The Man of La Mancha, an Ingenious Gentleman
a knight-errant

who is Don Quixote,
who is Alonso Quixano,
and who is also Don Quijote,
and tío
and Master
and friend
and beloved character,
who reads all night
asks why not live a storybook life –
who is armor and wisdom
who tosses lances at windmills
who loves horses and Sancho and,
above all, chivalry –
his dreams are alive and
he is living his dreams – he
who tells princesses; prostitutes,
lords; thieves, prisoners; actors
and Sancho, and Rocinante
that he loves Dulcinea:

“..her beauty is superhuman, since all the impossible and fanciful attributes of beauty which the poets apply to their ladies are verified in her”

who sends her gifts
and love letters –
whose heart is broken
because he cannot even
make her
name –
who cannot win her,
cannot make her love him back
doesn’t galavant around anymore –
has put the golden helmet down,
retired Rocinante,
has locked away his books
and thrown away his soul
round eyes open to what everyone else sees
has decided
there are bigger adventures
somewhere grander
and wonders
who will love him, who?

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