Three’s a Crowd

I didn’t publish anything over the weekend. I was…vegging on the couch and taking a mental health break. It didn’t really do much, I’m still in panic-mode simply because I’m breathing, but that’s just how anxiety is at times. Comes and goes in waves.

So, today, here are 3 new poems to catch up with everything:

Diamonds are…
I have always been made of coal.
I just pressed hard enough
that my edges
shine bright enough
to distract his eyes
and her eyes
from what is underneath
the thin, shiny exterior.
I am a material that burns
in uncontrollable, underground fires.
Burning for decades
or centuries.

Nebraska, 2am
His face looked flame licked –
I suppose road rash is a type of burn –
flame licked,
like he was born in the ring of fire
and he was
most certainly
spouting a warm, lava liquid,
ready to return back to the
tephra and mafic minerals that
live just a little deeper
than six feet under.

Everyday, I feel more and more like
one day I’ll go to speak but
nothing will come out and
people will say “I don’t know what happened.
One day, she just stopped talking.”
* This is actually just a very small segment of a longer piece that I just didn’t feel was ready to be shared in its entirety. 


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