Happy Birthday, Williams.

Both William Wordsworth and William Shakespeare were born in April (Wordsworth’s birthday is actually today). Truth be told, I’m a much bigger fan of Wordsworth’s poems and styles. He was once quoted as saying he is offended by the use of such metre as “Poor Susan moans, poor Susan groans” and so am I. He believed that poetry should be as simple as every day language, and that’s always something I’ve agreed with and aimed to do with my own poetry.

Anyway, since it is the month of poetic birthdays, I thought I’d write them a happy birthday poem:

And so you age,
like all things do –
either gracefully, growing better with time
or painfully, bitterly, covered in dust

Either way, to me
you will always be the one who –
taught me that love knows no boundaries
and that strange fits of passion are perfectly normal.

Happy Birthday.


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