A Poem A Day

It’s April, which means poetry month. This year, my goal is to actually write a poem for every day of the month, all of which will ultimately be revised in the future (and this may also mean I end up playing catch up and do 2 or 3 in a day). Since I’m getting a late start, here are my first four poems ­čÖé

Open Water
Big blue mouth waiting patiently to swallow me whole,
for me to wander in, feet first, eyes closed.
But the calm cold always turns into lapping tongues,
upside down.
No air.
And if the surface remains unmoved, that is only because
we cannot see what lurks, very much in motion,

The Wake-Up Call
Sun shines over head
A dog is licking my toes.
Five more minutes, please.

There is no flowery scent wafting through the air,
it is the same old smell of exhaust.
There is nothing but a time change and a blazing
hot sun against a bright blue, cloudless sky
to notify us that spring has sprung, or scorched,
or been swallowed by summer completely.

Do no harm,
or with beliefs.
I will never see you as
simply because you are you,
not them.
Rejoice in what brings you peace,
in this world that you will navigate


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